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Google+ Eliminates real name restrictions

With a real name on google+ means you are a real person and you can be part of the Google family that is true. However for people who wish to stay anonymous on Internet we have a good news for you, there are no more restrictions on what name you can use on Google Plus. Yes, now you can call yourself whatever you want because Google drops all real name restriction for Google Plus. Anyone can you use this service and be part of the G+ community.
How can you do that?
To edit your name go to the top right where it appears your profile picture. Click account and then edit your profile and pick whatever name you like. So easy, right? Then keep enjoy the great expecience on this social stream which is Google Plus. Learn more about this modification here:
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Ten (10) Biggest Acquisitions by Google Inc

Google is a growing and active company, to improve the quality of their products and services they decide to purchase some companies. These purchases will also help Google to keep the first place in the IT market. Why not?
Google has acquired over 100 companies, but below you will discover the 10 Google´s largest acquisitions.
1. Motorola Mobility.
This Mobile device manufacturer was acquired for $12.5bn by Google in 2011. This is their largest acquisition or the largest purchase in the history of google. This acquisition is integrated Android, Google Tv and Patent portfolio.
2. Nest
Google also invest huge money in home appliance business to increase quality of home living, that is the reason why it has acquired Nest ( Home automation) for $3.2bn in 2014.
3. DoubleClick
This Online advertisement company was acquired by Google in 2007 for $3.1bn. This business is integrated Adsense to increase its media Advertisements.
This popular platform using for sharing and viewing video clips, was acquired for $1.65bn, in June 2013. It is obvious when you watch a video on this site, you see that Google displays ads at the bottom of videos.
5. Waze
A GPS-based navigation using for mobile mapping and route calculations, was acquired for $966m in 2013. This service is integrated Google Maps.
6. AdMob
Admob is one of the world's largest mobile advertising company, it was acquired In November 2009 for $750m.
7. ITA Software
Google invest Money too in Travel Technology, then it has acquired ITA Software in July 2010 for $676m, which provide management software and information on flights. This service is used as Google Flights.
8. Postini This company provides software that ensures safety communication. Google has acquired it for $625m in 2007. This service is used currently to ensure security of Gmail.
9. Wildfire Interactive
This famous social marketing platform was acquired by Google in 2012 for $450m. Now It is used as Google+.
10. Admeld
This is a online advertising company acquired in 2011 by Google for $400m. It is now integrated to Google's DoubleClick, Ad Exchange and Invite Media.